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a fall friend

I snapped this happy little squirrel during our brief visit to Macalester this fall. I loved that campus the moment I stepped foot on it as an 18-year-old. It is so beautiful. I loved being back, even if it was a bit chilly that day.

headed south

Day 5: Looking up I love Canadian geese. I know many people find them to be annoying pests, but I find them absolutely charming. One of my most favorite posts is about geese. The other day, I was outside randomly taking pictures of things, and I heard a group of them fly overhead. I love … Continue reading

fizzy fall favorite

Day 12: Drink I must begin this post by saying that I don’t drink much pop. I get my daily caffeine from my lovely hazelnut coffee, and if I drink pop after about 2pm, I usually have trouble sleeping (I’m such an old lady). I drink 7-up when my stomach is upset, and wild cherry … Continue reading

the warmth of fall

Day 8: Something you do every day Lately, I’ve been lighting a candle every day. My current favorite is cinnamon. Or chai spice. Or apple cider. Or pumpkin. There’s something about fall that makes me want to light candles. Candles are so cozy.

too warm for this kid

Day 24: Weather The weather here has been very weird lately. Hot and humid. Miserable. I know it’s cheating because this isn’t technically a photo. But look at this crazy temperature swing. Almost 80 one day. Barely 50 the next. When I left work this afternoon, the thermostat on my car said 81 degrees. It’s … Continue reading

a new fall favorite

Day 22: In your town This weekend, Mr. Phish and I headed down the road a few miles to visit a nearby pumpkin patch. We’re still relatively new to the area, so we still do a fair bit of exploring. New restaurants, new shops, new events–there’s so much to do in Des Moines. (And I … Continue reading

i’ve said it before

Day 7: I’m thankful for I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m thankful for fall. Crunchy leaves underfoot, extra layers, and hot apple cider equals one happy girl.

the weekend recap

Day 24: Three things I spent the weekend in Nebraska. I went to the football game with my dad, ate delicious shishkabobs, and basked in the sun, drinking coffee with my mom. A pretty fantastic weekend, all told. The only thing missing was Mr. Phish, who really needs a job that does not involve working … Continue reading

thanks, man

Day 20: Manmade Thankful for this manmade wonder and equally in love with the pumpkin spice candle and the flame that makes it smell so wonderful. Hello, fall. I’ve missed you so.

summer is fading

Day 5: Bright There’s still plenty of heat left in the sunshine, but the days are getting a little bit shorter. Temps are supposed to get into the 70s this weekend–fingers crossed!