Posted in January 2013

calling time-out

Real life is getting in the way of blogging, and my posting has been a little, ahem, erratic. But fear not, I’m not falling off the face of the earth. Just calling time-out until things settle down a little bit. Thanks for reading!

sweet snickers

sweet snickers

My love of boogies isn’t limited to my own furkids. I love all boogies like they are my own. Case in point: my parents’ cat, Snickers. She is a petite flower, with the tiniest feet. She is such a darling girl.

cleaning up

Today is laundry day at my house. I do all of the laundry, mostly because I cannot abide freshly dried clothes languishing in a laundry basket for weeks on end. Yep. I’m still wearing Christmas socks. You got a problem with that?

her special blanket

her special blanket

For Christmas, Santa brought Genevieve a wonderful new blanket. She loves the sherpa fuzziness and I think the purple suits her royal demeanor. Tonight, she chose the blanket over my lap, and that’s saying something.

91 years and counting

Happy 91st birthday today to my grandma, Lucille. This photo was taken the weekend of our wedding brunch in 2009. That’s my awesome mom in the middle, with her sister and her mom. The Mahaffey women are some of the strongest women I’ve ever met. You don’t mess with these girls. Happy birthday, Grandma. I … Continue reading

a winter warm-up

The high today was a balmy 43 degrees. I didn’t even wear my winter coat. Winter in Iowa is cake. I shot these guys this past weekend. They didn’t survive the day. The sunshine is nice, but I kind of miss the 10-foot snow drifts.

sunny sunday

Mr. Phish is at work, the dishes are done, and the house is vacuumed. I think it’s time to join the boogies. Bella couldn’t be bothered to wake up for the paparazzi. Genevieve had the entire bed to herself and she took full advantage of the sunshine. And this darling little boy tried to pose … Continue reading

best target trip EVER

best target trip EVER

This afternoon, I ran to the nearby SuperTarget to get a few groceries. At least I intended to get a few groceries. An hour later, I toted my two bags out to the car. And I noticed something stuck to my windshield. I didn’t give it much thought, figuring it was an advertisement for the … Continue reading


After another busy day, it was just a take and bake kind of night. Why do short weeks always seem so dang long?