headed south

Day 5: Looking up

I love Canadian geese. I know many people find them to be annoying pests, but I find them absolutely charming. One of my most favorite posts is about geese.

The other day, I was outside randomly taking pictures of things, and I heard a group of them fly overhead. I love their honking, squawking calls to each other.


7 thoughts on “headed south

  1. I love geese too. I am always sad though when I see them flying to warmer places in the fall/winter. I miss them and know that the snow is coming.

  2. Apparently a man named “John Canada” named the geese after himself…hence the name, Canada geese. We have a million here in Richmond. I don’t think that they ever leave. I agree with you, they are beautiful while they fly…but scare off all of the lovely ducks. Its a toss up.

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