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house highlight: the fireplace

house highlight: the fireplace

It’s no secret that I love wood-burning fireplaces. My parents have one and it has always been one of my favorite things about their house. So when we started looking at houses, a fireplace was on the list. Iowa gets cold in the winter–below zero, with dangerous wind chills and a long, long winter season. … Continue reading

our day! of! fun!

our day! of! fun!

I love to do stuff on the weekend. Shopping, cooking, baking, driving, looking at houses, exploring. I spend all week cooped up and on the weekend, I just want to do fun things to recharge my battery after a long week of work. Mr. Phish also likes to do stuff on the weekend, but his … Continue reading

a winter warm-up

The high today was a balmy 43 degrees. I didn’t even wear my winter coat. Winter in Iowa is cake. I shot these guys this past weekend. They didn’t survive the day. The sunshine is nice, but I kind of miss the 10-foot snow drifts.

snow snow snow

Here are a few more photos taken in the few minutes I spent outside yesterday. It was beautiful but bitterly cold. The roads around here are still pretty dicey, so I’m glad we’re not headed anywhere for a few days. Mr. Phish and I bundled up good before we headed out to scoop the driveway. … Continue reading

peering out

Today’s photo is from March, when Mr. Phish and I had a fun weekend away. We headed east, to Newton, Iowa, the home of Fred Maytag, founder of the Maytag Company. There’s a great park there, with a band shell, a huge pool complex, and lots of big ol’ trees. It was unseasonably warm, so … Continue reading

junk mail

Day 4: In your mailbox Remember when I said it was lovely to live in Iowa? The sunshine and all of that? Well, I was lying. Sortof. You see, Iowa is nice enough most of the time. Great shopping, almost no traffic. The weather leaves a bit to be desired but that’s the midwest for … Continue reading

a delicious detour

Day 5: Sign I love breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day. It’s my favorite meal to eat out, especially on vacation. It’s my second-favorite thing to make from scratch (after baked goods). I love all of it. Eggs, meats, veggies, juices, fruit, bread. Each time I move to a new city, I search … Continue reading

heat wave

Day 28: The weather today I don’t handle the heat well. I’m not a fan. Given a choice between wind chill and heat index, I’ll take wind chill every time (and twice on Tuesdays). I love layers and bundling up. I love that first hint of crispness in the fall breeze and the slap of … Continue reading

blast from the past

Day 27: Something sweet Yesterday, much to the chagrin of the boogies, we got up extra early and headed to farmers market. Saturday farmers market, not to be confused with the equally-awesome-for-different-reasons Thursday farmers market, is downtown and it is HUGE. Giant. It stretches for blocks and blocks and the set up is like a … Continue reading