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weekend shots

Day 3: Breakfast This is the boogies’ breakfast stash, which we replenish far more often than my wallet would like. If you look closely, you will not find any beef. Mr. Phish has somehow deduced that they don’t care for beef. The stinky seafood flavors are the house favorite. I feel like a bad kitty … Continue reading

a delicious detour

Day 5: Sign I love breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day. It’s my favorite meal to eat out, especially on vacation. It’s my second-favorite thing to make from scratch (after baked goods). I love all of it. Eggs, meats, veggies, juices, fruit, bread. Each time I move to a new city, I search … Continue reading

for the love of bread

Day 3: On your plate Say hello to ham and cheddar corn muffins. These lovelies will be on my plate tomorrow morning for breakfast. Adapted from this recipe from Cooking Light, which means they are actually sortof good for you! I have a love of all things baked for breakfast. Baked goods of any kind … Continue reading

a lovely weekend

Hello! I’ve been away from the computer for a few days as part of an effort to spend a bit more time “unplugged.” We also took a lovely little trip to a nearby bed & breakfast. It was a nice getaway and a wonderful excuse to photograph anything and everything. Photos and a recap to … Continue reading

butter makes it better

Today, something delicious. I’m on a bit of a Ree kick–lots of recipes to love over at The Pioneer Woman. Her new cookbook just came out and although I tried valiantly to win a signed copy, I did not.* Alas, I soothed my disappointment by baking all kinds of deliciousness, including this: This is Ree’s … Continue reading