between raindrops

Today was mostly rainy and grey, but we headed out to the local garden center’s spring open house. Last summer, we stumbled upon the most amazing garden center just a few miles from our house. Although finding Ted Lare was a happy accident, it quickly became our favorite place for plants, rocks, fun garden art, and all kinds of other cool stuff. We made many, many trips there last summer and were eager to return this year to see what was new.
We weren’t disappointed–the place was overflowing with fountains, pottery, funky garden art, and plants galore. I know you’re not supposed to plant stuff until Mother’s Day but I COULD NOT RESIST. They had perennials on sale: buy two, get one free. So we came home with some wonderfully orange thing, a lime green coral bell, and a big ol’ red columbine. Yippee!
The boys weren’t quite as excited about the plants but Bubba did love watching all of the people and sticking his toes in the fountains. His furrowed brows are a result of impending lunch and nap. He was ready for both by the time we got home.
He’s walking like a pro now, but he’s still not a huge fan of outside surfaces. He does fine on the deck, but he’s not sure about concrete. And grass…well, his face and flamingo-like stance pretty much sum it up:

We planned the visit just right, as it rained before we got there and the rain started just as soon as we got home. And it’s still raining the most gentle, soaking rain. I can almost hear the plants growing. All in all, a pretty wonderful Saturday.

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