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tulips, take two

tulips, take two

A new week means new tulips for moi. As long as things are crazy and stressful at work, I will have tulips on my desk. It’s just necessary right now. There’s just something calming and joyful about flowers, particularly tulips. This week’s bunch appeared to be a lively purple, but this morning, when I got … Continue reading

is it spring yet?

is it spring yet?

Not in Iowa. We still have snow on the ground and a north wind that will absolutely take your breath away. Nothing a quick stop at Tar-jay can’t fix. These are sitting on my desk at work and I can’t even tell you how much joy they bring me. As long I can get my … Continue reading

a crazy day

I work in an industry that is closely aligned with tax laws, specifically income, gift and estate tax laws. After President Obama’s late-night fun with the auto pen, we walked in to a cacophony of 2,000 clients wanting to know what the heck was going on. Today was the single most stressful and overwhelming day … Continue reading

draco to the rescue!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled photographs to bring you… SNOW. Yesterday, Des Moines was officially in a blizzard warning, and I’ll admit, I was skeptical. Last winter was so mild that I never actually had to use a shovel. Our ice melt sat untouched. To say it was mild would be a great understatement. So … Continue reading

a dream job

Day 20: Work/play These are photobooks. I love making photobooks. I have a shelf full of them and I always have one in the works. They are incredibly time-intensive and lots of work, but it doesn’t feel like work. I get lost, for hours, when I’m working on one. Each book is the most wonderful … Continue reading

Eating solo

Day 2: Lunchtime I’ve been eating outside every day, soaking in the gorgeous fall weather. My dad said there’s a chance of flurries this weekend. Colder weather is coming and I can’t wait!

5 reasons i’m grateful for my j-o-b

Day 24: Something you’re grateful for My answer: work. I can hear some of you shaking your heads in disbelief and peering at the screen quizzically. I like to complain. About my j-o-b. A lot. Much of my frustration stems from my unpreparedness for the transition from academia to the corporate world. The transition was, … Continue reading

working girl

Happy Wednesday! Today’s photo shows you where I work. Allow me to walk you through the photo, which is more revealing than it seems at first glance. Exhibit A: Ben and Jerry’s insulated coffee mug. I’m a wee bit obsessed with all things Ben & Jerry. We planned our honeymoon around a childhood dream of … Continue reading