Posted in February 2012

challenge complete

Happy leap day! Today is the last day of the February photo-a-day challenge. I have to tell you that I have had the most fun doing it. So much so that I think I’ll do it again in March. Hooray for photo challenges! The photo for today is “something you’re listening to.” And here’s what … Continue reading


Today’s post is about money. Money is a complicated topic, and a source of much consternation for me. Money angst aside, I’m a saver. I always have been, and here’s why: This is my first piggy bank. My parents are the actual “mom and pop” operation that you can only find in towns with historic … Continue reading

cheeky lime goodness

We interrupt our regularly scheduled photo challenge to bring you this: Ladies and gentlemen, my new camera bag is finally HERE! When I stopped to get the mail, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the extra key (to the larger package slot). Full-scale palpitations ensued when I saw the return address… Look. At. … Continue reading

the weekend wrap-up

It’s been a wonderfully lazy weekend at my house. The weather was decidedly spring-like today, enough so that we could open the windows. The boogies instantly flocked to the open windows and proceeded to spend the rest of the day parked in that room, basking in the sunshine.┬áJust for the record: there are precious few … Continue reading

an accessory problem

I think I have an accessory problem. More specifically, I have an earring problem. I love them. Love them. They are the perfect little pick-me-up. Feeling sad? Earrings will make you smile. Feeling tired? Earrings will perk you right up. Feeling like your outfit is blah? Earrings are a quick fix! Feeling happy? Celebrate life … Continue reading

wishful thinking

My little strappy beauties, patiently waiting for warmer weather. Meanwhile… I’m not putting the boots away just yet.

working girl

Happy Wednesday! Today’s photo shows you where I work. Allow me to walk you through the photo, which is more revealing than it seems at first glance. Exhibit A: Ben and Jerry’s insulated coffee mug. I’m a wee bit obsessed with all things Ben & Jerry. We planned our honeymoon around a childhood dream of … Continue reading

the picture taker

Today’s photo poses some specific challenges. As I mentioned before, I’m the designated picture taker in my family. This means that I get to take hundreds of beautiful photos of my beautiful family. It also means that there are almost no photos of me. This is okay with me because I do not photograph very … Continue reading


Today’s photo is handwriting. I think handwriting is a very personal thing, as unique to you as your fingerprints or your freckle pattern. Like everyone else, I had to learn cursive in elementary school and I wasn’t particularly good at it. But I liked the idea of it, the swoops and loops. The fancy Z … Continue reading

three birds with one stone

I’m one day behind, so today’s post will include photos for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Woo hoo! Look at me go! The photos for yesterday and today were a little bit tough for me. Time and drink are pretty generic, and I was a little stumped about what to do. (Prepare yourself for a tangent, … Continue reading