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crafter in chief

Day 2: Peace The title of this post is my dream job title. I love making things. All sorts of things. Creating things makes me feel peaceful. Joyful. Today, I enjoyed a bit of crafting time. And it was wonderful. Last week, I worked up the courage to tell some people at work about my … Continue reading

holding back

Day 10: A favorite word Today is a real challenge for me. One word? Impossible. I’m a full-blown English geek. Any visitor to our apartment would see all of the tell-tale signs: more bookshelves than people, dusty journals from childhood, magnetic poetry scattered on the fridge, books in every nook and cranny. I love words. … Continue reading

magnificent moo

Day 1: Peace Few things in the world are more peaceful than a sleeping baby.  I envy this peace.   P.S. It’s May! And that means a new list. Here’s the fabulous fatmumslim’s photo-a-day list for May. This will be my fourth month playing along and I love it. If you haven’t done a challenge … Continue reading