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for decoration only

Day 3: Coin I bought this lovely from my parents’ store. We actually picked up at market and it was one of several that never made it to the selling floor. What can I say? My love of accessories is well-documented. It’s obviously not a real coin, but what’s pretty about a quarter? I’m sure … Continue reading

i’m craving a deal

Day 17: Your addiction I’ve written before about my accessory problem, but it doesn’t stop there. I love to shop. More specifically, I love to shop for things on clearance. I am addicted to the thrill of finding something beautiful and useful at a great price. Take these beauties: If you look closely at the … Continue reading

four for the fourth

Day 4: Fun Happy Fourth of July! Today is fun for lots of reasons. Here are four: 1. Mr. Phish had to work today, so we didn’t get to sleep in. But I did get to have a nice, relaxed morning. As I’ve noted before, breakfast is my favorite meal to cook and to eat. … Continue reading

fruity finds

Day 26: Where you shop I openly admit that I’m a shopper. I love it. I shop all the time. For myself, for my mom, for my sister, for Moo, for Mr. Phish. I love shopping. I love helping other people shop. I love finding beautiful things on sale. I’m a frugal shopper, so I … Continue reading

bag of goodies

Day 17: What’s in your bag Here’s a quick shot of a few things that ended up in my earth-friendly shopping bag during Friday’s shopping spree with my sister: a cute grey and pink dress ($7 dollars!!), a skinny white belt, and a great braided neutral belt. The main goal of the trip was to … Continue reading

the un-fun one

Day 4: Fun! Okay, confession time: I am not fun. I never have been. Even when I was quite young, I was the quiet girl sitting in a corner with her nose in a book. And I’m okay with it. I like being the un-fun one. Fun is overrated. I mean, don’t get me wrong. … Continue reading

love isn’t cheap

Day 22: The last thing you bought I made an early trip to SuperTarget this morning to stock up on cat food. Generally, I avoid SuperTarget on Sundays, but the food was on sale, sort of, and we were nearly out. Here’s the haul: Papa checked it out, and he rubbed his cheeks against his … Continue reading

bet you can’t guess

Bet you can’t guess what I shot for today’s assignment (something you wore)? I thought about photographing the awesome DKNY top I bought at the Dillard’s Clearance Center this weekend. Or the amazingly comfy Silver jeggings I recently found on the clearance rack at Von Maur. In the end, I opted for, you guess it, … Continue reading

an accessory problem

I think I have an accessory problem. More specifically, I have an earring problem. I love them. Love them. They are the perfect little pick-me-up. Feeling sad? Earrings will make you smile. Feeling tired? Earrings will perk you right up. Feeling like your outfit is blah? Earrings are a quick fix! Feeling happy? Celebrate life … Continue reading