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between raindrops

between raindrops

Today was mostly rainy and grey, but we headed out to the local garden center’s spring open house. Last summer, we stumbled upon the most amazing garden center just a few miles from our house. Although finding Ted Lare was a happy accident, it quickly became our favorite place for plants, rocks, fun garden art, … Continue reading

signs of life

signs of life

Let’s ignore the serious lack of life on this blog (ahem) and focus on the loveliness outside. Tonight after I put Bubba to bed, I ventured out with my camera to capture spring at my house. This is only our second spring in this house, and last year things were buried under years of neglect … Continue reading

from garden to growling tummy

from garden to growling tummy

This weekend, my parents came to visit. They almost never come, because doing so requires a relief pharmacist. And there are only a handful of relief pharmacists in rural Nebraska, and even fewer who want to work Saturdays. A weekend off is an exceedingly rare thing for them. So I was pretty stoked when they … Continue reading

the weekend recap

Day 24: Three things I spent the weekend in Nebraska. I went to the football game with my dad, ate delicious shishkabobs, and basked in the sun, drinking coffee with my mom. A pretty fantastic weekend, all told. The only thing missing was Mr. Phish, who really needs a job that does not involve working … Continue reading

green in all directions

Day 14: Arrow This was a tough one. I had a photo that would have been absolutely, sublimely perfect. Except that I forgot to take it when we were in Nebraska this weekend. Drat. But it was good, you guys. You’ll just have to trust me. I’ll remember next time. For now, we’ll go with … Continue reading

my not-so-green thumb

Day 7: Garden I love to grow things. But I’m not so good at growing things. Every year, I try. I buy a big bag of potting soil and I fill a cart with a bunch of bright flowers. Every year, I fill the pots and water and fertilize. And every year, things die. Sometimes … Continue reading

funky bunnnies

Day 13: Art When we were roaming around Reiman Gardens and admiring LEGO wonderfulness, I spotted these funky bunnies hiding amidst wildflowers and birdhouses. I love every single thing about them.

a new friend

Day 24: Something new Last weekend, my mom and I spotted some primo rhubarb plants at the farmers market. We were barely half a block into the market and agreed to stop on our way out to buy some rhubarb. Hours later, we wandered back and, predictably, all of the beautiful rhubarb was gone. But … Continue reading

not so bashful

Day 22: Pink I’m a fan of pink. Mostly of the hot variety. I’m not a pastel kind of gal. Soft pinks are a bit too girly for me. But I love me some hot pink. My mom and I were just singing the praises of hot pink this weekend. It’s just a fun color. … Continue reading

iron petals

Day 16: Flower A little bit of rebar, a little bit of rust, a little bit of sunshine. Perfection. The only way these could be improved is if they were in my very own garden.