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bird watching

One of (many) reasons I love the weekend is the opportunity to enjoy the flurry of activity at our bird feeders. This weekend’s birdwatching did not disappoint. The boogies and I spotted the usual suspects: My favorite visitor made numerous appearances: I adore chickadees. They are so tiny and they dart from point to point … Continue reading

feeding the neighborhood

Our snow is melting off bit by bit, but we still have quite a bit on our little concrete patio. This morning when I opened the curtains, I noticed we had had a few visitors last night. It’s mostly crunchy little birds, but I think we also have a few bunnies passing through. I put … Continue reading

feeding frenzy

Day 16: The view from your window Right now, the view from our window includes lots and lots of crunchy little birds. And Mooster digs it.


Day 15: Yellow I had the most wonderful day today. I took a day off of work and spent the entire day shopping with my sister. The entire day. And yes, I’m using italics because it’s a really big deal. At several points, I was positively giddy. I think I bounced in my seat most … Continue reading

weekend wildlife

Day 28: 1pm After an exhausting, action-packed morning spent clucking at sparrows, cardinals, assorted finches, and these two mourning doves… …1pm was nap time.