Posted in August 2012

birthday prep

Day 31: Hidden Tucked away in the oven is the first of two birthday cakes. Frosting or no, I’ll have to hide it later tonight. Mr. Phish loves him some cake. Last year, I made Moo a pink and white cow¬† (figured it was the only year we could get away with the homage to … Continue reading

party time

Day 30: Card Moo turns two this weekend! Party preparations are underway. I’m making the cakes. Sooo excited. But also bewildered. Where did the last two years go??  

pretty piggies

Day 29: Down I took this one weekend when I was back in Nebraska hanging out with the fam. I love how it turned out. I love that we all have bright pink polish–no pale pink foo-foo for us. We’re strong and loud and hot pink. Get used to it! Extra points if you can … Continue reading


Day 28: Clock Not sure what building this is, but it’s downtown, right at the very edge of farmer’s market. I hope it cools off soon so we can get back down there. This heat is defeating me.

dancin’ (yeah!)

Day 27: Tap Even though the view is a bit obscured by big old lady hair, anyone can see that that cutie pie in the middle is a tap dancin’ fool. I always loved tap. It was my favorite for the entire 14 years I danced. 1984, peeps. Rockin’ a yellow fringe skirt. That look … Continue reading

pocket change dreams

Day 26: Dream This is one of our dream jars. We have two or three of them in various rooms around the house. Every time we have spare change, we toss it in one of these jars. Our dreams change as life happens. My biggest dreams? To own my own business. To own a home. … Continue reading

the best chinese food

Day 25: Fresh I love Chinese food. But I also fear Chinese food. Fortunately, when we moved to Des Moines, a co-worker recommended a place nearby. It was love at first bite. The sesame chicken is divine. It is everything sesame chicken should be–crispy, light, delicious. I don’t have a photograph of it because we … Continue reading

a narrow road

Day 24: Path The hallway in the basement of the old store was a one-way path. Well-worn for 34 years. Funny what you get nostalgic about.

a sassy pair

Day 23: Pair This is my sister, rockin’ a pair of sassy blue skinny jeans and a zebra print scarf. Look at her. Can you believe that I had to literally force this child into skinny jeans? She refused for years. Years, plural. It took me some time, but I wore her down. She’s just … Continue reading

home is where the boogies are

Day 22: Home The title says it all. Home is wherever I get to see these adorable little faces. It bears repeating: these cats are not regular cats. They are furry people. They go to bed when we go to bed, eat when we eat, and greet us at the door talking a mile a … Continue reading