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hop on the meal train!

hop on the meal train!

My sister is having a baby, like, any minute now. Her actual due date is just under two weeks away, but no one really thinks she’ll make it. Moo was one week early, and I think Tater will be early, too. You read right: her nickname is Tater. Don’t ask. Obviously, I am SO SUPER … Continue reading

cheesy goodness

First of all, happy December. Second, holy crap! How did it get to be December?! Here’s the new list: I’m thinking this might be a month in which I pick and choose the prompts that appeal to me. We’ll see. Day 1: 8 o’clock To start things right, here’s what I was doing at 8 … Continue reading


Day 28:  A good thing Individual pear and cherry cobblers. Mine with extra almonds. A decidedly good thing.

summer in a 9×9 pan

Day 14: Favorite Remember when I was complaining about summer? I hate the heat and humidity blah blah blah. Here is one delicious reason to love summer: peaches. This is my favorite dessert. It’s nothing fancy, but I absolutely adore it. It’s my mom’s recipe, and after one failed attempt to make it using canned … Continue reading

the best chinese food

Day 25: Fresh I love Chinese food. But I also fear Chinese food. Fortunately, when we moved to Des Moines, a co-worker recommended a place nearby. It was love at first bite. The sesame chicken is divine. It is everything sesame chicken should be–crispy, light, delicious. I don’t have a photograph of it because we … Continue reading

always room for ribs

Day 16: Food This past weekend, we traveled to Nebraska to help my parents with the never-ending store move. The big things are in place and the store is functional, but now we’re left to ferry everything from the old basement to the new basement. Boxes, papers, old fixtures, extra merchandise. They’ve been filling up … Continue reading

fruity finds

Day 26: Where you shop I openly admit that I’m a shopper. I love it. I shop all the time. For myself, for my mom, for my sister, for Moo, for Mr. Phish. I love shopping. I love helping other people shop. I love finding beautiful things on sale. I’m a frugal shopper, so I … Continue reading

coconut dreams

Day 18: Something you made I made this beauty last night, in honor of my mom’s visit this weekend. She’s the only member of my family who will split a homemade coconut cream pie with me. Otherwise, I have to eat the whole thing myself. Literally. It’s happened. More than once. Happy weekend!

not so leafy

Day 23: Vegetable I have a complicated relationship with vegetables. I don’t like them, though I try to. I should be clearer. I like them, but only when they are smothered in butter and/or cheese and completely stripped of all nutritional value. Me and the greens don’t get along so well. I’ll eat broccoli, but … Continue reading

love isn’t cheap

Day 22: The last thing you bought I made an early trip to SuperTarget this morning to stock up on cat food. Generally, I avoid SuperTarget on Sundays, but the food was on sale, sort of, and we were nearly out. Here’s the haul: Papa checked it out, and he rubbed his cheeks against his … Continue reading