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cherry turnover goodness

cherry turnover goodness

When I woke up this morning, it was snowing. When I drove to work, it was snowing. All day at work, every time I walked by a window, it was snowing. When I drove home from work, it was snowing. When I got home, there was so much snow, my little Jetta could not get … Continue reading

she bakes

Day 14: (wo)man-made When the weather turns cooler, I feel the urge to bake. Actually, that’s only partly true. It’s not so much the fall weather. The urge to bake is pretty much constant with me. I don’t even need an excuse to bake. I just love it. This time around, I made: rustic tomato … Continue reading

home is where the kitchen is

Day 11: Kitchen The kitchen is absolutely my favorite room in the house. My house, my parents’ house, any old house. The kitchen is where the action is, where people gather and it is, unquestionably, the place from which all good things come. Case in point: Delish banana bread. Extra walnuts on the left (for … Continue reading

butter makes it better

Today, something delicious. I’m on a bit of a Ree kick–lots of recipes to love over at The Pioneer Woman. Her new cookbook just came out and although I tried valiantly to win a signed copy, I did not.* Alas, I soothed my disappointment by baking all kinds of deliciousness, including this: This is Ree’s … Continue reading