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beautiful b&w

Day 4: Black and white I found this photo tonight and I’m absolutely captivated by it. It’s my mother, long before she was my mother. I’m sure she’ll be horrified that I posted this, but I think she looks enchanting. She was the quintessential California girl. Stick straight blonde hair, big sunglasses, teeny bikini. I … Continue reading

morning ritual

Day 3: Something you held I started drinking coffee when I worked as an intern at a small-town newspaper. The office was freezing cold and I drank coffee to stay warm. What can I say? It grew on me.

crafter in chief

Day 2: Peace The title of this post is my dream job title. I love making things. All sorts of things. Creating things makes me feel peaceful. Joyful. Today, I enjoyed a bit of crafting time. And it was wonderful. Last week, I worked up the courage to tell some people at work about my … Continue reading

cheesy goodness

First of all, happy December. Second, holy crap! How did it get to be December?! Here’s the new list: I’m thinking this might be a month in which I pick and choose the prompts that appeal to me. We’ll see. Day 1: 8 o’clock To start things right, here’s what I was doing at 8 … Continue reading

extra chocolately, please

Day 29: Big At my house, we don’t mess around with cocoa in envelopes. We go straight for the mega size, because I like my cocoa really strong. One envelope is never enough. And don’t even get me started on the marshmallows. I’m excessive.

the keys to the kingdom

Day 28: Vehicle They aren’t technically part of the vehicle, but you can’t get very far without them. Betcha can’t guess which ones are mine?

the most wonderful time of the year

Day 27: Tree I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: I love Christmas. I love all things associated with Christmas–decorations, music, gift-giving, gift-making, gift-wrapping, holiday crafty projects. To clarify: I do not love holiday shopping. I shop year-round specifically to avoid having to step foot into the mall from Halloween until January. My two … Continue reading

a bit of spice

Day 26: In your cupboard I have almost an entire cupboard full of spices, and this is my favorite. Whole nutmeg. A very dear friend from college gave us a Microplane grater for a wedding gift, and I use it constantly to grate nutmeg, cheese, and chocolate. And each time I reach for it, I … Continue reading

winding down

I’m a few days behind, as I’ve taken advantage of the long weekend to enjoy some much-needed computer-free time. Day 24: What you heard The divine sound of the coffee grinder. Ah, whole bean hazelnut cream. How I love you. Day 25: Sky Some intrepid soul is out taking advantage of yet another glorious Iowa … Continue reading

happy thanksgiving

Day 22: Grateful I’m grateful to spend the day with Mr. Phish eating lots of good food and watching a James Bond marathon, with Genevieve snuggled in on my lap. I’m grateful that after an entire day of cooking. Mr. Phish is on clean-up duty. I’m grateful for all of the yummy things we ate, … Continue reading