Posted in April 2012

another look

Day 30: Something that  makes you sad I have a soft heart. Especially when it comes to animals. Obviously, I’m over the moon for our three furkids, but I have a strong emotional reaction to animals in general. My heart breaks when I see an animal—any animal—hurting. Whether it’s  a deer on the side of … Continue reading

circles of love

Day 29: Circle This, my friends, is a circle of love. I inherited this beauty from my grandmother. I treasure it. If I had to flee my house in the dark of night with only the belongings I could fit in the trunk of my car, there would be a spot for this gem. It … Continue reading

weekend wildlife

Day 28: 1pm After an exhausting, action-packed morning spent clucking at sparrows, cardinals, assorted finches, and these two mourning doves… …1pm was nap time.

shades of grey

Day 26: Black and white One of the most important lessons I have learned in the last two years: nothing is black and white. To make a marriage work, you have to  make your peace with infinite shades of grey. This is a hard lesson for me. I am still learning to love the ambiguous, … Continue reading

keeping an eye on things

Day 25: Looking down Genevieve spent the evening camped out in one of her favorite spots: within sight of the kitchen (and the food bowl) and out of Mooster’s immediate reach. Smart kitty.

5 reasons i’m grateful for my j-o-b

Day 24: Something you’re grateful for My answer: work. I can hear some of you shaking your heads in disbelief and peering at the screen quizzically. I like to complain. About my j-o-b. A lot. Much of my frustration stems from my unpreparedness for the transition from academia to the corporate world. The transition was, … Continue reading

not so leafy

Day 23: Vegetable I have a complicated relationship with vegetables. I don’t like them, though I try to. I should be clearer. I like them, but only when they are smothered in butter and/or cheese and completely stripped of all nutritional value. Me and the greens don’t get along so well. I’ll eat broccoli, but … Continue reading

love isn’t cheap

Day 22: The last thing you bought I made an early trip to SuperTarget this morning to stock up on cat food. Generally, I avoid SuperTarget on Sundays, but the food was on sale, sort of, and we were nearly out. Here’s the haul: Papa checked it out, and he rubbed his cheeks against his … Continue reading

time capsules

Day 21: Bottle Today, I finally took time to tackle a project I’m working on for my dad. Last time I was home, he gave me a big tote full of old stuff to sell on eBay. The tote has been waiting in the garage, and today, I finally sorted through things. I didn’t find … Continue reading