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our morning walk

our morning walk

Financial anxieties aside, working part-time has been life-changing for me. Granted, part of the dramatic change was leaving my awful full-time job. But even more than that, the extra time with my boy has been transformative. I am a happier, lighter, sunnier version of myself. The anxiety and fear that has been my near-constant companion … Continue reading

calling time-out

Real life is getting in the way of blogging, and my posting has been a little, ahem, erratic. But fear not, I’m not falling off the face of the earth. Just calling time-out until things settle down a little bit. Thanks for reading!

my people

Day 25: People I’m generally an introvert. And by generally, I mean that even thinking about “fun” things like cocktail parties and get-togethers after work makes me break into a cold sweat. I blame my antisocial father. And my deep love of reading. I don’t make friends easily. I never have. In the last ten … Continue reading

another me

Day 7: Someone that inspires you For the last ten years, I’ve been one specific version of myself. Graduate school is not for the faint of heart. I spent two years on a master’s degree and then six on a Ph.D. Both degrees are in English. I taught several writing classes each semester while writing … Continue reading

sweet spring

Day 4: Today, I’m grateful for the delicious breeze coming through my sliding glass door. The cold front finally came through and we’re back in the 60s (40s overnight! woo hoo!). There is nothing in the world like cool, crisp, fresh air. It soothes the soul.