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a sign of spring

a sign of spring

This little guy is probably six inches taller after today’s 70-degree sunshine. I have to apologize for the inconsistent posting. After 9 hours staring at a computer at work, I’m struggling to find the oomph to come home and stare at a computer for another hour or two. Thanks for reading!

choosing a color

Day 11: Purple Purple is my favorite color. I love it. Love love it. I used to think my favorite color was navy blue. And then I realized that navy blue was too boring for me. Too practical. Too neutral. When I started paying attention, I noticed that I gravitate to purple. I buy purple … Continue reading

time away

Hiya! Starting tomorrow, I will be on “vacation.” But this is no ordinary vacation. No sirree. That’s right, friends.┬áMy lovely luck in the messed-up foot lottery earned me a special trip to this exotic locale: I’ll spend half a day enjoying luxurious amenities such as anesthesia, a stylish hospital gown, and my very own IV. … Continue reading

time capsules

Day 21: Bottle Today, I finally took time to tackle a project I’m working on for my dad. Last time I was home, he gave me a big tote full of old stuff to sell on eBay. The tote has been waiting in the garage, and today, I finally sorted through things. I didn’t find … Continue reading