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new month, new list!

Day 1: Where you stood Happy October!! First things first. Here’s the new list. And the first photo. Where I stood? At the door to Dairy Queen. The slight red tint is from the giant red sign glowing in the window. I left with a small vanilla cone dipped in butterscotch. A great way to … Continue reading

time away

Hiya! Starting tomorrow, I will be on “vacation.” But this is no ordinary vacation. No sirree. That’s right, friends. My lovely luck in the messed-up foot lottery earned me a special trip to this exotic locale: I’ll spend half a day enjoying luxurious amenities such as anesthesia, a stylish hospital gown, and my very own IV. … Continue reading

parfait perfection

Day 3: I’m grateful for ice cream. And hot fudge. And peanuts. And the geniuses at Dairy Queen who decided to bring these magical ingredients together. P.S. The parfait was far more photogenic when we left DQ but there was much melting on the way home. Next time, I’ll shoot it on the spot so … Continue reading

ice cream is not funny to cats

For real. Cats take ice cream very seriously. It demands laser-like focus. And rapt attention. And close proximity, just in case someone isn’t paying attention. Watching two hungry boogies pine for ice cream, on the other hand, is pretty funny. 🙂

going somewhere good

I wasn’t too thrilled when I saw today’s topic. I’m not a car girl. I don’t understand them and I don’t want to. My husband’s not a car guy, either. When something breaks or a light comes on, we’re not tinkerers. We just drive to the repair shop and fork over the bucks. A car … Continue reading