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our morning walk

our morning walk

Financial anxieties aside, working part-time has been life-changing for me. Granted, part of the dramatic change was leaving my awful full-time job. But even more than that, the extra time with my boy has been transformative. I am a happier, lighter, sunnier version of myself. The anxiety and fear that has been my near-constant companion … Continue reading

lazy saturday

I’m feeling especially lazy this morning, so I apologize for the underachieving photos. Didn’t have it in me today to get all artsy and stuff. My to-do list is a mile long and all I really want to do is snuggle up on the couch with a boogie and binge on football and Halloween Oreos. … Continue reading

coffee snob

Day 15: The first thing you see Okay, so this isn’t technically the first thing I see in the morning, but things tend to be a bit blurry until I get that first cup. News flash: I’m a coffee snob. But not in the conventional way. I detest Starbucks. I won’t drink coffee at restaurants. … Continue reading

get up and go

Day 2: Empty Guess that means it’s time to get my day started, huh? Hooray for lovely, cool mornings and delicious hazelnut coffee.


Happy June! First order of business, the new photo-a-day list from Chantelle at Fatmumslim: Another awesome list from the very awesome Chantelle. This is my fifth month doing the challenge. I think I’m officially hooked! Without further ado, let’s get going! Day 1: Morning I am officially a coffee snob. I didn’t set out to … Continue reading