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sending love to otis

sending love to otis

it’s almost time to say goodbye to our beloved friend, otis. he has been valiantly fighting muscular dystrophy and his Guardians posted a message yesterday indicating that the battle is nearing its end. i have faithfully followed this blog for more than a year and have fallen in love with the Leader and the Brothers … Continue reading

happy birthday genevieve!

happy birthday genevieve!

I’m a few days late in posting this, but on Monday, our darling Genevieve turned 10. Well, we think she turned 10. Like the others, she was a rescue kitty. But unlike her siblings, we didn’t adopt her when she was a kitten. The shelter guessed that she was about 2 when we took her … Continue reading

happy birthday to my bella

happy birthday to my bella

Ten years ago, I saw an ad in the paper for free kittens. I was working on my master’s degree at Ohio State and had just had my heart broken by a particularly arrogant jerk. I decided a kitten was just what I needed, so I drove down to a stranger’s house and met my … Continue reading

a rare bit of calm

Day 21: Calm Mooster is the rabblerouser in the house. He’s the naughty one, forever pestering his sisters and climbing the walls. But today, he found a sunny spot and settled in. And there was calm.

a golden oldie

Day 6: Chair I am not an antiques person. My personal style is more modern with a dash of eclectic vintage. You heard me right. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I did just totally make that up. But that’s me. So when my dear Aunt Candy offered me a rocking chair, I was hesitant. … Continue reading

snuggle bug

Day 29: Soft I know it’s not an original idea, but let’s face it: Little Papa is a big, furry mess of softness. I’ve told you how he’s really daddy’s boy, but every so often, he’ll snuggle up to me. This happens most often in the very early morning, just before the alarm goes off. … Continue reading

born beautiful

Day 4: Close-up This pretty girl was born ready for her close-up. I mean, look at that profile. Isabelle doesn’t usually like to be photographed, but she was intently watching the sparrows at the feeder this evening. That is a face meant to be photographed. And I am happy to oblige.


Day 26: 12pm Dear Tenant, We fail to understand why you chose to get up so early to go to farmers market this morning, but we did not appreciate the racket on a Saturday morning. Even worse, your return home one hour later interrupted morning nap time #2. As you know, our sleeping schedules are … Continue reading

a new friend

Day 24: Something new Last weekend, my mom and I spotted some primo rhubarb plants at the farmers market. We were barely half a block into the market and agreed to stop on our way out to buy some rhubarb. Hours later, we wandered back and, predictably, all of the beautiful rhubarb was gone. But … Continue reading

the old girl

Day 14: Grass The grass is a good place to hide when you’re stalking birds and mice and other assorted critters. This old girl would know. Callie’s been policing my parents’ wide open yard for the last 17 or so years. She’s a gentle old soul. Keeps to herself. She can be a lover, but … Continue reading