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happy birthday to my bella

happy birthday to my bella

Ten years ago, I saw an ad in the paper for free kittens. I was working on my master’s degree at Ohio State and had just had my heart broken by a particularly arrogant jerk. I decided a kitten was just what I needed, so I drove down to a stranger’s house and met my … Continue reading

sleepy saturday

Let’s call this post “Napping: A study in contrasts.” Bella will sleep anywhere–on the couch, on the bed, in the middle of the floor. She avoids kitty beds but has been known to curl up in a random basket. Regardless, she always sleeps with one eye open. Watchfulness is required when you are in charge. … Continue reading

hello again

hello again

Is anyone else hearing Lionel Richie right now? Hello, my friends, hello… The time out was a bit longer than I had expected, but I come back to the blog with a clearer head and a lighter heart. Lots of fun stories to come. And purty pictures galore. Bella missed you, too.

sunny sunday

Mr. Phish is at work, the dishes are done, and the house is vacuumed. I think it’s time to join the boogies. Bella couldn’t be bothered to wake up for the paparazzi. Genevieve had the entire bed to herself and she took full advantage of the sunshine. And this darling little boy tried to pose … Continue reading

a crazy day

I work in an industry that is closely aligned with tax laws, specifically income, gift and estate tax laws. After President Obama’s late-night fun with the auto pen, we walked in to a cacophony of 2,000 clients wanting to know what the heck was going on. Today was the single most stressful and overwhelming day … Continue reading

master of the house

Isabelle has so many adorable little quirks. Her green eyes and fluffy toes can still reduce me to tears. She rules the house with an iron paw, quick to bop naughty parties on the head and hiss her disapproval. But my favorite thing about her? That I’m her person. She tolerates Mr. Phish. But I’m … Continue reading

unexpected poetry

Day 19: Letters Random poetry can be found in on the sidewalks of Northfield, MN. As if it wasn’t charming enough. Day 20: Four o’clock Miss Bella never met a box she didn’t like. Big or small, she crawls right in and makes herself comfy.

i love the weekend

I know it’s not earth-shattering or unique to say, but frito pie, I love the weekend. More specifically, I love it when Mr. Phish has the weekend off. He works retail, so it’s not all that often that we have two whole days to ourselves. When he does, we fully embrace Christine and Mr. Phish’s … Continue reading

born beautiful

Day 4: Close-up This pretty girl was born ready for her close-up. I mean, look at that profile. Isabelle doesn’t usually like to be photographed, but she was intently watching the sparrows at the feeder this evening. That is a face meant to be photographed. And I am happy to oblige.

one man’s trash

All three of the boogies are rescue kitties, so what someone else thought was worthless has become priceless to us. A kind woman found Bella and her brother in the gutter, abandoned and tiny and cold. Though it breaks my heart to think of the suffering they endured, I am so grateful that someone threw … Continue reading