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signs of life

signs of life

Let’s ignore the serious lack of life on this blog (ahem) and focus on the loveliness outside. Tonight after I put Bubba to bed, I ventured out with my camera to capture spring at my house. This is only our second spring in this house, and last year things were buried under years of neglect … Continue reading

signs of spring

We got a few inches of snow overnight, and spring seems eons away. But I’m keeping these beauties on my desk as a lovely reminder. As long as I have flowers, winter can stick around for awhile…

fruity pests

Day 17: In your fridge We have fruit flies. Blech. Maybe it was the peaches I used to make my favorite dessert. Maybe it was the bananas that turned into double chocolate banana muffins. Maybe it was the pears that became delicious jam. Whatever the culprit, the fruit flies have set up camp in my … Continue reading

a new friend

Day 24: Something new Last weekend, my mom and I spotted some primo rhubarb plants at the farmers market. We were barely half a block into the market and agreed to stop on our way out to buy some rhubarb. Hours later, we wandered back and, predictably, all of the beautiful rhubarb was gone. But … Continue reading

not so bashful

Day 22: Pink I’m a fan of pink. Mostly of the hot variety. I’m not a pastel kind of gal. Soft pinks are a bit too girly for me. But I love me some hot pink. My mom and I were just singing the praises of hot pink this weekend. It’s just a fun color. … Continue reading

along the way

Day 13: Something you found Yesterday, I took a stroll around my neighborhood. Here are a few little things I found.

green sunglasses in a corner of my home

Happy weekend!!! In case you didn’t catch on immediately, the topic of the post encapsulates the topics for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That’s right, friends, I’m actually blogging ahead. Look out world! First up, sunglasses. As you might expect from my current status as a resident of the Midwest’s own sunshine state, sunglasses are essential. … Continue reading