fruity pests

Day 17: In your fridge

We have fruit flies. Blech. Maybe it was the peaches I used to make my favorite dessert. Maybe it was the bananas that turned into double chocolate banana muffins. Maybe it was the pears that became delicious jam.

Whatever the culprit, the fruit flies have set up camp in my kitchen.

And I hate them.

They drive me crazy. They haunt me. I don’t remember most of yesterday because a solid portion of the day was consumed by trying kill the little nasties.

At one point, I may have had five different vinegar traps on the counter.

It sounds worse than it is, but I was desperate. I rustled up apple cider vinegar, regular vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and red wine vinegar, hoping that one of them would be the ticket. No dice. They just weren’t taking the bait.

I also made a trap with a rotten banana and plastic wrap. It seemed to be working until I realized that they were just going in, eating, and coming back out. The instructions on the Interwebs said they weren’t smart enough to fly out. Um, news flash: they are.

Eventually, I switched from zone defense to one-on-one, slapping individual bugs perched on cupboards and mirrors. Not flashy, but a very effective strategy.

I also resorted to obsessive cleaning, removing everything I possibly could from the counter tops. I washed and dried and put away every dish. I cleaned up every crumb.

At one point, the fridge became a floral cooler:

It’s a very busy, very stressful, very overwhelming time at work right now, so I’ve started buying myself flowers every week. When I feel upset, I look at the flowers and remind myself that the world is a lovely place and that my spirit isn’t bound by beige cubicle walls.

It works.

These gorgeous gals spent the night in the fridge and landed on my desk this morning no worse for wear.

And they were a beautiful surprise this morning when I went in after the half and half.


8 thoughts on “fruity pests

  1. I hate fruit flies. Drive me NUTS. And yay for flowers – I totally buy myself flowers still. Who needs him to buy them when I can pick what I want and what I’m in the mood for!!!!!

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