not so bashful

Day 22: Pink

I’m a fan of pink. Mostly of the hot variety. I’m not a pastel kind of gal. Soft pinks are a bit too girly for me. But I love me some hot pink. My mom and I were just singing the praises of hot pink this weekend. It’s just a fun color. It’s joyful and peppy and loud. But in a cool way. I couldn’t settle on one pink, so here are a few of my favorites.

These beauties are from my parents’ garden. Believe it or not, the smell was even more breath-taking than the color. My parents have a firm policy to buy roses with their noses. And it works.

And you all recognize this cutie. This was her first birthday, back in September.

And just a few weeks ago. My darling Moo is a grown-up girl. ((sigh)) How did this happen?

4 thoughts on “not so bashful

  1. Christine, Moo really does look so much older in the second photo! Crazy. Baby to girl in under a year.

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