Posted in October 2012

costumes, part deux

Today, I went to work. But no one could find me. Even in a crowd, I can be hard to spot. Give up? Here I am! (For my international readers, here’s a bigger hint.) As you no doubt guessed, I am far too cheap to buy a Waldo costume. So I pieced this one together … Continue reading


Day 30: Clothes Halloween is a big deal at my workplace, with a runway show and prizes and a lot of build-up. Can you guess what my costume is? P.S. In case you were wondering, last year, I was the girl from Flashdance. Here you go, interwebs. You’re welcome. (And, yes, dear friends, that headband … Continue reading

lazy saturday

I’m feeling especially lazy this morning, so I apologize for the underachieving photos. Didn’t have it in me today to get all artsy and stuff. My to-do list is a mile long and all I really want to do is snuggle up on the couch with a boogie and binge on football and Halloween Oreos. … Continue reading

my people

Day 25: People I’m generally an introvert. And by generally, I mean that even thinking about “fun” things like cocktail parties and get-togethers after work makes me break into a cold sweat. I blame my antisocial father. And my deep love of reading. I don’t make friends easily. I never have. In the last ten … Continue reading

too warm for this kid

Day 24: Weather The weather here has been very weird lately. Hot and humid. Miserable. I know it’s cheating because this isn’t technically a photo. But look at this crazy temperature swing. Almost 80 one day. Barely 50 the next. When I left work this afternoon, the thermostat on my car said 81 degrees. It’s … Continue reading

the grass is always greener

Day 23: The view from here Our little concrete patio isn’t much, but the boogies would be the first to tell you that the view from here stinks. They’d much rather be out there, clucking at crunchy little birds and chasing chippies and munching on lots of green, green grass. Ah, the hardships of being … Continue reading

a new fall favorite

Day 22: In your town This weekend, Mr. Phish and I headed down the road a few miles to visit a nearby pumpkin patch. We’re still relatively new to the area, so we still do a fair bit of exploring. New restaurants, new shops, new events–there’s so much to do in Des Moines. (And I … Continue reading

a rare bit of calm

Day 21: Calm Mooster is the rabblerouser in the house. He’s the naughty one, forever pestering his sisters and climbing the walls. But today, he found a sunny spot and settled in. And there was calm.

unexpected poetry

Day 19: Letters Random poetry can be found in on the sidewalks of Northfield, MN. As if it wasn’t charming enough. Day 20: Four o’clock Miss Bella never met a box she didn’t like. Big or small, she crawls right in and makes herself comfy.

a magic pumpkin

Day 18: Made you smile today This is a cute little pumpkin. But it’s also a cute little magic pumpkin. This pumpkin has the power to save a terrible week. Today, it made me smile through tears. It can leap right over bad days and remind me that I am loved. I told you. Magic. … Continue reading