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catching my breath

Day 30: Calm Our weekend was anything but calm. It was moving weekend for my parents’ business (they expanded into a building twice as large as the old one!), and we went to Nebraska to help. More on this later. Here’s a shot of the old store, after nearly everything was cleared out. The new … Continue reading

headed west

Day 27: On the road The bridge over the Missouri. I meant to photograph the sign on the bridge that says “NEBRASKA: The good life.” I love that sign. And that bridge. For many, many years and still to this day, it means I’m home.

little miss

Day 26: Sunshine Since she came charging into the world 23 months ago, this darling child has brought sunshine to my life every single day. I know she wears her mommy out, and she does have a bit of her aunt’s stubbornness. But gah. Just look at her. (Easy for Aunt Shishy to say–I’m not … Continue reading

beautiful and painful

Day 25: Heart A friend created this in memory of my wonderful cousin, Cory. My sister keeps it on her mantle as a reminder. He’s been gone for more than a year, and it is still so hard to understand. The verse in the middle says, “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves … Continue reading

monkey see monkey do

Day 23: Mirror Mooster always has to do everything his sisters do. It’s like he’s afraid he’s going to miss out on something really fun if he naps or goes off on his own. So he’s always right there, usually much closer than the girls would like. Little brothers can be so annoying.

baby blues

Day 20: Eyes I don’t know how anyone could resist those blue eyes. Like I said before, this one’s a heartbreaker in training. Look out, boys!