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costumes, part deux

Today, I went to work. But no one could find me. Even in a crowd, I can be hard to spot. Give up? Here I am! (For my international readers, here’s a bigger hint.) As you no doubt guessed, I am far too cheap to buy a Waldo costume. So I pieced this one together … Continue reading

summer in a 9×9 pan

Day 14: Favorite Remember when I was complaining about summer? I hate the heat and humidity blah blah blah. Here is one delicious reason to love summer: peaches. This is my favorite dessert. It’s nothing fancy, but I absolutely adore it. It’s my mom’s recipe, and after one failed attempt to make it using canned … Continue reading

dancin’ (yeah!)

Day 27: Tap Even though the view is a bit obscured by big old lady hair, anyone can see that that cutie pie in the middle is a tap dancin’ fool. I always loved tap. It was my favorite for the entire 14 years I danced. 1984, peeps. Rockin’ a yellow fringe skirt. That look … Continue reading

built-in bestie

Day 30: A friend Even though I totally lost in the genetic foot lottery, my parents’ genes aren’t all bad. I have nice hair. I used to have nice teeth, until I turned 30 and the wheels fell off. I’m a fan of my hazel eyes, though I’m not sure who to thank for that … Continue reading

a perfect portrait

Day 6: You Me, 1980. Rocking the terrible two’s. Or really, it seems, the stubborn two’s. I’m sure my mother and the people behind the camera were dancing and waving their hands, working overtime to coax a smile out of me. And there I sit, frowning stubbornly. No temper tantrum, no tears. Just staring down … Continue reading

drawing a blank

Day 20: Something you drew I am not artistic. I am creative. I think outside of the box. I am a visual person. I am crafty and I love making things from scratch. I can be downright poetic. I have an eye for composition and colors. I sing, I dance, I act. I am a … Continue reading

lighten up

Day 18: Hair When she was born, Moo looked like her mama. We thought she would be blessed with the rare and beautiful dark hair + blue eyes combo. Nearly 18 months later, that cuddly baby has been replaced by a sassy, tow-headed little person who is the spitting image of her daddy. Gone is … Continue reading

a beautiful yesterday

a beautiful yesterday

Day 9: Younger you I’m working on a top-secret project for my parents, and it involves old photos. When I was home this weekend, my mom agreed to let me load several albums and boxes into the trunk of my car. It felt like precious cargo, and it is. As I was thinking about writing … Continue reading