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march 5: out the window

march 5: out the window

A few weeks back, Bubba and I spent the weekend in Nebraska visiting Grandma and Grandpa. They were both working at the store, so we spent the afternoon there. Bubba loved the front windows and spent the afternoon as the official greeter.

business woman of the year! (part two)

business woman of the year! (part two)

A quick recap: my mom was honored as business women of the year in her community. She received the award at a fancypants luncheon and was the cutest business woman in the entire room. Friday night at home can only mean one thing: Bee fish. Bee, Nebraska is a tiny little speck of a town … Continue reading

business woman of the year! (part 1)

business woman of the year! (part 1)

Last weekend, we made the trek to Nebraska to celebrate my mom being named Business Woman of the Year. It’s an award given by the community–each year for the last 10 years, they have honored a woman in the community for her contributions to business. I know I’m biased, but my mom is pretty freaking … Continue reading

a narrow road

Day 24: Path The hallway in the basement of the old store was a one-way path. Well-worn for 34 years. Funny what you get nostalgic about.

ticking by

Day 17: Faces A blingy sampling of the watches in my parents’ store last year. This year, when we were at market in Dallas, my mom and I bought loads more. Like, hundreds. And then when I had my surgery, we priced them. Now they’re wrapped up tightly in bags, just waiting for the late-night … Continue reading

not your ordinary wall

Day 6: Writing Remember when I was gone last weekend? Mr. Phish and I spent the weekend in Nebraska helping my parents move. In 1979, my mom and dad took a leap of faith. With one baby and another on the way shortly, my parents bought a drug store in a rural Nebraska. My mom … Continue reading

for decoration only

Day 3: Coin I bought this lovely from my parents’ store. We actually picked up at market and it was one of several that never made it to the selling floor. What can I say? My love of accessories is well-documented. It’s obviously not a real coin, but what’s pretty about a quarter? I’m sure … Continue reading

catching my breath

Day 30: Calm Our weekend was anything but calm. It was moving weekend for my parents’ business (they expanded into a building twice as large as the old one!), and we went to Nebraska to help. More on this later. Here’s a shot of the old store, after nearly everything was cleared out. The new … Continue reading