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my furry teachers

Day 10: Emotion One of the reasons I love the boogies so much is that they are constantly teaching me. If I’m paying attention, these three beautiful creatures remind me of what’s important every single day. Contentment: Adoration: Patience: Curiosity: Serenity:

too close for comfort

Day 26: Near Mooster has no sense of personal space. He is always up in somebody’s business. It’s like he doesn’t know how big he is, so he just walks around like he owns the place. It drives the other cats crazy. Especially Bella, who demands that everyone keep a respectful distance. He will walk … Continue reading

our odd little boy

Day 16: Strange I make no secret of the fact that I”m a crazy cat lady. I love my cats. I love them like people, because to me, they are people. They are my family. And like any family, they have quirky, odd little personalities. I love how different they are and I cherish their … Continue reading

monochrome messages

Day 10: Black and white I’m a word lover. A logophile. A magnetic poetry junkie. From a very young age, I wrote in a journal and collected little scraps of paper with words on them. As I got older, I began to assemble notebooks of quotations. I even put together two small bound books of … Continue reading

i love the weekend

I know it’s not earth-shattering or unique to say, but frito pie, I love the weekend. More specifically, I love it when Mr. Phish has the weekend off. He works retail, so it’s not all that often that we have two whole days to ourselves. When he does, we fully embrace Christine and Mr. Phish’s … Continue reading

the natural

Day 7: Natural Ok, so he’s no Robert Redford, but just look at this handsome boy. He’s a natural heartbreaker. I mean, who could say no to that face? Even when he’s naughty, which is most of the time, I can’t stay mad at him. He’s just so dang cute.

home is where the boogies are

Day 22: Home The title says it all. Home is wherever I get to see these adorable little faces. It bears repeating: these cats are not regular cats. They are furry people. They go to bed when we go to bed, eat when we eat, and greet us at the door talking a mile a … Continue reading

double dose of papa

Day 19: Hole When Mr. Phish busts out the feather toy, there’s no stopping Little Papa (aka Mooster in the last post–he is the cat of 10,000 names). Lord knows how he got into this position, but clearly he is far bigger than the hole. Cats are the cheapest form of entertainment. Who needs movies … Continue reading

a patient boy

Day 18: Inside At every meal, Mooster waits patiently at the door for Bella to finish eating. The blurry tail reveals that he’s not really that patient. He also howls every 30 seconds. Charming. Here’s the story: I rescued Bella when I was at Ohio State. For two years, it was just us, and we … Continue reading

monkey see monkey do

Day 23: Mirror Mooster always has to do everything his sisters do. It’s like he’s afraid he’s going to miss out on something really fun if he naps or goes off on his own. So he’s always right there, usually much closer than the girls would like. Little brothers can be so annoying.