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daddy’s boy

Day 31: Something beautiful The love between this daddy and his little man is palpable. Mooster will come to me for snuggles every now and then, but Mr. Phish is his person, for sure.

my floral doppelganger

Day 30: Your personality Bold, bright, a little bit ostentatious. Passionate, fiesty, hot pink. Fierce and a little bit girly. Complicated and unique and utterly unlike any other flower (or person). Quirky and funky and striking. Slow to bloom but, with a little time, will open her heart wide to the world.

heat wave

Day 28: The weather today I don’t handle the heat well. I’m not a fan. Given a choice between wind chill and heat index, I’ll take wind chill every time (and twice on Tuesdays). I love layers and bundling up. I love that first hint of crispness in the fall breeze and the slap of … Continue reading

blast from the past

Day 27: Something sweet Yesterday, much to the chagrin of the boogies, we got up extra early and headed to farmers market. Saturday farmers market, not to be confused with the equally-awesome-for-different-reasons Thursday farmers market, is downtown and it is HUGE. Giant. It stretches for blocks and blocks and the set up is like a … Continue reading


Day 26: 12pm Dear Tenant, We fail to understand why you chose to get up so early to go to farmers market this morning, but we did not appreciate the racket on a Saturday morning. Even worse, your return home one hour later interrupted morning nap time #2. As you know, our sleeping schedules are … Continue reading

made in the shade

Day 25: Unusual Every Thursday, the cool neighborhood down the road has a farmers market. We go every chance we get and it has become one of my favorite things to do with Mr. Phish. They have live music and tons of fresh produce and food vendors. We buy the most delicious pulled pork sandwiches … Continue reading

a new friend

Day 24: Something new Last weekend, my mom and I spotted some primo rhubarb plants at the farmers market. We were barely half a block into the market and agreed to stop on our way out to buy some rhubarb. Hours later, we wandered back and, predictably, all of the beautiful rhubarb was gone. But … Continue reading

not so bashful

Day 22: Pink I’m a fan of pink. Mostly of the hot variety. I’m not a pastel kind of gal. Soft pinks are a bit too girly for me. But I love me some hot pink. My mom and I were just singing the praises of hot pink this weekend. It’s just a fun color. … Continue reading

monday, monday

I know I’m behind on the photo-a-day challenge, but I had good reason: my mom was in town this weekend. We call her “Tasmanian Lulu,” because the woman moves at a pace that is otherworldly. She operates at a pace that I am unacquainted with and, honestly, unable to match. I loved every minute of … Continue reading