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unexpected poetry

Day 19: Letters Random poetry can be found in on the sidewalks of Northfield, MN. As if it wasn’t charming enough. Day 20: Four o’clock Miss Bella never met a box she didn’t like. Big or small, she crawls right in and makes herself comfy.


Continuing with the vacation theme, just because I can. Day 12: On the table The sticky roll at The Ole Store in Northfield, MN. Every bit as ooey gooey delicious as it looks.   Day 13: Landscape Somewhere in rural Minnesota, a long, long way from the interstate.   Day 14: Makes you laugh The … Continue reading

ahhh, vacation

It was pretty quiet on the blog last weekend, because we were enjoying a lovely fall getaway in Minnesota. We haven’t been up to the Cities since we moved to Iowa, even though it’s only about three and a half hours away. Monday was also our three-year anniversary, so we celebrated with a relaxing weekend … Continue reading

looking closely

Day 11: Something up close It doesn’t look like much, but if you take a few steps back… Lego moose on the loose at the Mall of America!

good old red

Day 9: Red We found this oldie but goodie at an apple orchard outside of Northfield, Minnesota this weekend.