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our morning walk

our morning walk

Financial anxieties aside, working part-time has been life-changing for me. Granted, part of the dramatic change was leaving my awful full-time job. But even more than that, the extra time with my boy has been transformative. I am a happier, lighter, sunnier version of myself. The anxiety and fear that has been my near-constant companion … Continue reading

sunny sunday

Mr. Phish is at work, the dishes are done, and the house is vacuumed. I think it’s time to join the boogies. Bella couldn’t be bothered to wake up for the paparazzi. Genevieve had the entire bed to herself and she took full advantage of the sunshine. And this darling little boy tried to pose … Continue reading

summer is fading

Day 5: Bright There’s still plenty of heat left in the sunshine, but the days are getting a little bit shorter. Temps are supposed to get into the 70s this weekend–fingers crossed!

little miss

Day 26: Sunshine Since she came charging into the world 23 months ago, this darling child has brought sunshine to my life every single day. I know she wears her mommy out, and she does have a bit of her aunt’s stubbornness. But gah. Just look at her. (Easy for Aunt Shishy to say–I’m not … Continue reading

iron petals

Day 16: Flower A little bit of rebar, a little bit of rust, a little bit of sunshine. Perfection. The only way these could be improved is if they were in my very own garden.

green sunglasses in a corner of my home

Happy weekend!!! In case you didn’t catch on immediately, the topic of the post encapsulates the topics for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That’s right, friends, I’m actually blogging ahead. Look out world! First up, sunglasses. As you might expect from my current status as a resident of the Midwest’s own sunshine state, sunglasses are essential. … Continue reading

blue skies

When you try to take photos of clouds in central Iowa, this is what you get: And this… Or this.. Even this.. Are you seeing a theme here? It is always sunny here. Central Iowa is rapturously sunny. I can hear you snickering, but don’t knock it ’til you try it. Seriously. Iowa should be … Continue reading