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our day! of! fun!

our day! of! fun!

I love to do stuff on the weekend. Shopping, cooking, baking, driving, looking at houses, exploring. I spend all week cooped up and on the weekend, I just want to do fun things to recharge my battery after a long week of work. Mr. Phish also likes to do stuff on the weekend, but his … Continue reading

blast from the past

Day 27: Something sweet Yesterday, much to the chagrin of the boogies, we got up extra early and headed to farmers market. Saturday farmers market, not to be confused with the equally-awesome-for-different-reasons Thursday farmers market, is downtown and it is HUGE. Giant. It stretches for blocks and blocks and the set up is like a … Continue reading

made in the shade

Day 25: Unusual Every Thursday, the cool neighborhood down the road has a farmers market. We go every chance we get and it has become one of my favorite things to do with Mr. Phish. They have live music and tons of fresh produce and food vendors. We buy the most delicious pulled pork sandwiches … Continue reading