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peering out

Today’s photo is from March, when Mr. Phish and I had a fun weekend away. We headed east, to Newton, Iowa, the home of Fred Maytag, founder of the Maytag Company. There’s a great park there, with a band shell, a huge pool complex, and lots of big ol’ trees. It was unseasonably warm, so … Continue reading

winding down

I’m a few days behind, as I’ve taken advantage of the long weekend to enjoy some much-needed computer-free time. Day 24: What you heard The divine sound of the coffee grinder. Ah, whole bean hazelnut cream. How I love you. Day 25: Sky Some intrepid soul is out taking advantage of yet another glorious Iowa … Continue reading

unsafe driving

Day 15: sunset I took this photo while driving. Looking back, it seems perhaps a bit unwise to try to shoot a photograph while operating a moving vehicle at 80mph. But in the moment, it made sense. I happened to glance in my rearview mirror and the sunset was just spectacular. I was particularly inspired … Continue reading