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the best year of my life

the best year of my life

I was not one of those people who always assumed they would have kids. I mean, when I was younger, I loved my big family and figured I would have a big family, too. But then I went to college and I fell in love with learning. And I chased that dream for more than … Continue reading

busy bee

Confession time. I’m totally skipping Day 1 of July’s photo-a-day. The topic is my least favorite: self-portrait. This is at least the second time that this topic has come round in the rotation. I completely skipped it last time around and I’m doing so again. I tried, I really did. But no dice. Third time’s … Continue reading

drawing a blank

Day 20: Something you drew I am not artistic. I am creative. I think outside of the box. I am a visual person. I am crafty and I love making things from scratch. I can be downright poetic. I have an eye for composition and colors. I sing, I dance, I act. I am a … Continue reading

lighten up

Day 18: Hair When she was born, Moo looked like her mama. We thought she would be blessed with the rare and beautiful dark hair + blue eyes combo. Nearly 18 months later, that cuddly baby has been replaced by a sassy, tow-headed little person who is the spitting image of her daddy. Gone is … Continue reading

two at a time

Day 12: Stairs We will blink, and suddenly, she’ll be taking them two at a time. And I’ll shake my head in disbelief and remember when she still used the rails and willingly took Grandpa’s hand.