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miraculous may

miraculous may

I woke up this morning with a huge grin on my face because this is what spring in Iowa looks like: Everyone I spoke with today lamented the weather. So cold, they said. Not very springlike, they complained. Why can’t it be warm? they whined. I ignored them. I called my dad to swap excited … Continue reading

sweet rain

It has rained all day today. A wonderful, slow, soaking rain. For hours. I love me some thunderstorms. Especially when it’s too cool for nasty weather and I can just enjoy the white flash of lightning followed by the rumbling thunder. Love. It was chilly and gray and gloomy today. And after 12 hours of … Continue reading

snow snow snow

Here are a few more photos taken in the few minutes I spent outside yesterday. It was beautiful but bitterly cold. The roads around here are still pretty dicey, so I’m glad we’re not headed anywhere for a few days. Mr. Phish and I bundled up good before we headed out to scoop the driveway. … Continue reading

too warm for this kid

Day 24: Weather The weather here has been very weird lately. Hot and humid. Miserable. I know it’s cheating because this isn’t technically a photo. But look at this crazy temperature swing. Almost 80 one day. Barely 50 the next. When I left work this afternoon, the thermostat on my car said 81 degrees. It’s … Continue reading

above me

Day 19: Underneath Thankfully, we haven’t needed this too much this week. The weather has been delightfully fallish–chilly at night and crisp and breezy during the day. I’m loving every minute of it.  

taking it easy

Day 16: Out and about After yesterday’s massively fun shopping expedition with my sister, I elected to lay low today. I ran a few errands this morning but have found myself parked on the couch with a book since then. The weather may have nudged me in this direction. I confess that I’m worn out … Continue reading

cooling off

Day 2: Today, I am grateful for all manner of cooling devices. It was 91 degrees here today! In April! We’re doomed to a summer of sweatiness.

challenge complete

Happy leap day! Today is the last day of the February photo-a-day challenge. I have to tell you that I have had the most fun doing it. So much so that I think I’ll do it again in March. Hooray for photo challenges! The photo for today is “something you’re listening to.” And here’s what … Continue reading