taking it easy

Day 16: Out and about

After yesterday’s massively fun shopping expedition with my sister, I elected to lay low today. I ran a few errands this morning but have found myself parked on the couch with a book since then. The weather may have nudged me in this direction.

I confess that I’m worn out from the marathon shopping and the drive home. But I loved every single minute of yesterday. Even when we got yelled at for using the men’s dressing rooms. (But seriously. Why would we stand in line for 25 minutes when there were FOUR wide-open totally available dressing rooms less than 100 feet away? Um, we wouldn’t. Sorry crabby sales lady.)

I must be getting old, because I need a day to recover from the fun. That’s my excuse for parking it on the couch and devouring “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. Laundry and cleaning can wait until tomorrow. Or Thursday.

Now, the boogies? Well, they have no excuse for nonstop couch-napping and general laziness. But they sure are cute.


10 thoughts on “taking it easy

  1. love The Happiness Project. picked it up from the library a couple of months ago. it really gets you thinking about your life and what you want/don’t want.

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