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5 reasons i’m grateful for my j-o-b

Day 24: Something you’re grateful for My answer: work. I can hear some of you shaking your heads in disbelief and peering at the screen quizzically. I like to complain. About my j-o-b. A lot. Much of my frustration stems from my unpreparedness for the transition from academia to the corporate world. The transition was, … Continue reading

parfait perfection

Day 3: I’m grateful for ice cream. And hot fudge. And peanuts. And the geniuses at Dairy Queen who decided to bring these magical ingredients together. P.S. The parfait was far more photogenic when we left DQ but there was much melting on the way home. Next time, I’ll shoot it on the spot so … Continue reading

cooling off

Day 2: Today, I am grateful for all manner of cooling devices. It was 91 degrees here today! In April! We’re doomed to a summer of sweatiness.

fighting this funk

It’s been pretty quiet around here this weekend. The radio silence could be explained away in any number of ways: I was busy, I was tired, I needed to unplug. But because I’m a believer of the lovely Jess Constable and her willingness to be brave and honest about her life, I’m not going to … Continue reading