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above me

Day 19: Underneath Thankfully, we haven’t needed this too much this week. The weather has been delightfully fallish–chilly at night and crisp and breezy during the day. I’m loving every minute of it.  

not cool, mr phish

Day 21: Cool Mr. Phish: Honey, dinner was yummy. I’ll do the dishes. Me: *stunned silence* Mr. Phish: What’s the big deal? I can do the dishes. Me: Um, no arguments from me. Very cool, Mr. Phish. Mr. Phish: Geez, that’s a lot of dishes. I need some tunes to motivate me. Me: *rolling eyes* … Continue reading

sweet spring

Day 4: Today, I’m grateful for the delicious breeze coming through my sliding glass door. The cold front finally came through and we’re back in the 60s (40s overnight! woo hoo!). There is nothing in the world like cool, crisp, fresh air. It soothes the soul.

cooling off

Day 2: Today, I am grateful for all manner of cooling devices. It was 91 degrees here today! In April! We’re doomed to a summer of sweatiness.