Posted in March 2012

one man’s trash

All three of the boogies are rescue kitties, so what someone else thought was worthless has become priceless to us. A kind woman found Bella and her brother in the gutter, abandoned and tiny and cold. Though it breaks my heart to think of the suffering they endured, I am so grateful that someone threw … Continue reading

the name game

I am loving March’s photo-a-day challenge. Chantelle at FatMumSlim–you rock, chica!! Today’s topic is one I’m passionate about: my name. More specifically, my last name. Don’t get me wrong–Christine is a lovely name. I was the only Christine in my class forever and ever. In fact, I didn’t meet another Christine until college. It suits … Continue reading

a lovely weekend

Hello! I’ve been away from the computer for a few days as part of an effort to spend a bit more time “unplugged.” We also took a lovely little trip to a nearby bed & breakfast. It was a nice getaway and a wonderful excuse to photograph anything and everything. Photos and a recap to … Continue reading

shooting at night, take one

Yesterday’s topic was the kitchen sink. And the sink in our rented apartment is grody, even when it’s sparkly and clean. So you’re gonna have to trust me that there’s nothing photo-worthy about that nasty sink. I’m a skipper and a cheater. As my dear Ree would say, don’t be like me. Today’s a new … Continue reading

butter makes it better

Today, something delicious. I’m on a bit of a Ree kick–lots of recipes to love over at The Pioneer Woman. Her new cookbook just came out and although I tried valiantly to win a signed copy, I did not.* Alas, I soothed my disappointment by baking all kinds of deliciousness, including this: This is Ree’s … Continue reading

our little mooster

Today’s topic is before/after, and I’m feeling lots of boogie love. Mooster was just a tiny little thing when we brought him home, and Jeeveyboog immediately claimed him as her own. I’ve never known two cats who took to each other like these two. Even though he’s all grown up, they are still thick as … Continue reading

ice cream is not funny to cats

For real. Cats take ice cream very seriously. It demands laser-like focus. And rapt attention. And close proximity, just in case someone isn’t paying attention. Watching two hungry boogies pine for ice cream, on the other hand, is pretty funny. 🙂

green sunglasses in a corner of my home

Happy weekend!!! In case you didn’t catch on immediately, the topic of the post encapsulates the topics for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That’s right, friends, I’m actually blogging ahead. Look out world! First up, sunglasses. As you might expect from my current status as a resident of the Midwest’s own sunshine state, sunglasses are essential. … Continue reading

going somewhere good

I wasn’t too thrilled when I saw today’s topic. I’m not a car girl. I don’t understand them and I don’t want to. My husband’s not a car guy, either. When something breaks or a light comes on, we’re not tinkerers. We just drive to the repair shop and fork over the bucks. A car … Continue reading