signs of life

Let’s ignore the serious lack of life on this blog (ahem) and focus on the loveliness outside. Tonight after I put Bubba to bed, I ventured out with my camera to capture spring at my house. This is only our second spring in this house, and last year things were buried under years of neglect and dead stuff. But this year, there are definitely signs of life.
The forsythia didn’t bloom last year, but this year, it’s the only bit of color in the beds.
This is what hostas look like as they come up. Kinda cool and alien-like, right? Alas, the previous owner of this house loooooooooved hostas. Like, had a hosta problem. Never met a hosta she didn’t like. The beds were chock full of them. I am, shall we say, not a fan. We busted out the Roundup last fall but the dang things just won’t die.
The Japanese maple is just about ready to bust.
Despite plenty of munching from the deer, the hydrangea are rallying this spring.

And last, the happy greenness I am most excited about:
That, my friends, is the picture of summer happiness. RHUBARB. ((sigh)) Be still my heart. I see many, many rhubarb goodies and strawberry rhubarb pies in my future. Yay spring!

3 thoughts on “signs of life

  1. I do not like Hostas either! The only ones that are okay (to me) are the ones that stay small with the dark green and white leaves but I don’t care for them much either. Our yard used to be filed with them also until I removed all but 2. The trick to removing them is to digging them out. You have to get every last bit of root from the ground otherwise they multiply. They are a pain and will grow and grow unless you remove them completely. Great pictures, you are getting a lot of life 🙂

    • Oh we have dug and dug and dug some more. They are tenacious! And every time we go to farmer’s market, I just roll my eyes when I walk by the stands with rows of hostas marked $12 each. 🙂

      • I know.. You should scribble a note underneath and write “free for digging” and give them your phone number lol good luck!

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