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built-in bestie

Day 30: A friend Even though I totally lost in the genetic foot lottery, my parents’ genes aren’t all bad. I have nice hair. I used to have nice teeth, until I turned 30 and the wheels fell off. I’m a fan of my hazel eyes, though I’m not sure who to thank for that … Continue reading

snuggle bug

Day 29: Soft I know it’s not an original idea, but let’s face it: Little Papa is a big, furry mess of softness. I’ve told you how he’s really daddy’s boy, but every so often, he’ll snuggle up to me. This happens most often in the very early morning, just before the alarm goes off. … Continue reading


Day 28: On the shelf We found these lovelies at a local antique mall. I fell in love with the colors and the cuteness factor. Curiously, both have a year and a political party. When we got home, I did some poking around online and found out that these Frankoma political mugs are collectible. In … Continue reading

daily reminders

Day 27: Bathroom This little sign hangs in my bathroom as a daily reminder to me. And believe you me, I need to read it every. single. day.

fruity finds

Day 26: Where you shop I openly admit that I’m a shopper. I love it. I shop all the time. For myself, for my mom, for my sister, for Moo, for Mr. Phish. I love shopping. I love helping other people shop. I love finding beautiful things on sale. I’m a frugal shopper, so I … Continue reading

playing favorites

Day 20: Favorite photo you’ve ever taken This is a tough one. I have old favorites and new favorites and favorites of each kitty and of Moo and my family. Picking and choosing is impossible. So here are a few of my favorites:


Day 19: Imperfect Like most human beans, I have plenty o’ imperfections. But the worst offenders, in my opinion, are my feet. (Just a heads up–if you don’t like feet, probably a good plan to stop reading now, mm-kay?) Here’s a lovely photo of my feet that I took awhile back. From this height, they … Continue reading

husker proud

Day 18: Something you don’t know about me I love football. Not professional football. Egad, no. Bo-ring. And who do you cheer for? Too much ego and not enough fun. No, I’m talking about college football. More specifically, Nebraska football. I realize this is probably not a shocking revelation, considering that I grew up a … Continue reading

bag of goodies

Day 17: What’s in your bag Here’s a quick shot of a few things that ended up in my earth-friendly shopping bag during Friday’s shopping spree with my sister: a cute grey and pink dress ($7 dollars!!), a skinny white belt, and a great braided neutral belt. The main goal of the trip was to … Continue reading

taking it easy

Day 16: Out and about After yesterday’s massively fun shopping expedition with my sister, I elected to lay low today. I ran a few errands this morning but have found myself parked on the couch with a book since then. The weather may have nudged me in this direction. I confess that I’m worn out … Continue reading