the weekend recap

Day 24: Three things

I spent the weekend in Nebraska. I went to the football game with my dad, ate delicious shishkabobs, and basked in the sun, drinking coffee with my mom. A pretty fantastic weekend, all told. The only thing missing was Mr. Phish, who really needs a job that does not involve working weekends ((sigh)).

Here are three snapshots of my weekend.

1. Peppers from my parents’ garden. I’m pretty anti-pepper myself, but I heard they were delicious.

2. Frost on the deck Sunday morning. Fall is my favorite.

3. Darling Moo, who is so much a grown-up girl. She was very shy around me, but she had all kinds of fun with Grandma and Grandpa. She is the most headstrong, independent two-year-old I’ve ever known. My sister is going to have her hands full.


6 thoughts on “the weekend recap

  1. Pretty peppers. Frost already? We won’t have frost for awhile yet but we do have cooler weather. Little Moo is adorable as always. Hugs

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