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is it spring yet?

is it spring yet?

Not in Iowa. We still have snow on the ground and a north wind that will absolutely take your breath away. Nothing a quick stop at Tar-jay can’t fix. These are sitting on my desk at work and I can’t even tell you how much joy they bring me. As long I can get my … Continue reading

a chippie sighting!

The last few days have been a feeding frenzy. We have multiple feeders and no one else nearby has feeders, so we attract quite a crowd. But today was an exciting day. We had our first chippie sighting!! Our resident chipmunk, Alfie, hibernates all winter. And each spring, I watch and wonder if he made … Continue reading

signs of spring

We got a few inches of snow overnight, and spring seems eons away. But I’m keeping these beauties on my desk as a lovely reminder. As long as I have flowers, winter can stick around for awhile…

hangin’ with my peeps

Day 6: Lunch I came home for lunch today, and as I was dutifully reheating my leftovers, I saw these lovelies: So I ate them immediately. For lunch. I bought them on Monday and they had achieved the perfect hardness today. The sugary outside was crunchy, almost like a candy shell. Mmmm. Today, I’m grateful … Continue reading

sweet spring

Day 4: Today, I’m grateful for the delicious breeze coming through my sliding glass door. The cold front finally came through and we’re back in the 60s (40s overnight! woo hoo!). There is nothing in the world like cool, crisp, fresh air. It soothes the soul.

green sunglasses in a corner of my home

Happy weekend!!! In case you didn’t catch on immediately, the topic of the post encapsulates the topics for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That’s right, friends, I’m actually blogging ahead. Look out world! First up, sunglasses. As you might expect from my current status as a resident of the Midwest’s own sunshine state, sunglasses are essential. … Continue reading

going somewhere good

I wasn’t too thrilled when I saw today’s topic. I’m not a car girl. I don’t understand them and I don’t want to. My husband’s not a car guy, either. When something breaks or a light comes on, we’re not tinkerers. We just drive to the repair shop and fork over the bucks. A car … Continue reading