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she never misses a meal

Day 18: Plate This is a shot of Genevieve’s clean plate this evening: We take meal time veeeeeery seriously around here. The boogies eat better than most people–three meals a day, plus snacks. They’re spoiled, but they are all rescue kitties who endured various types of abuse and neglect before they found their way to … Continue reading

i’m craving a deal

Day 17: Your addiction I’ve written before about my accessory problem, but it doesn’t stop there. I love to shop. More specifically, I love to shop for things on clearance. I am addicted to the thrill of finding something beautiful and useful at a great price. Take these beauties: If you look closely at the … Continue reading

feeling it

Day 16: Sign I met with my super-fantastic-amazing podiatrist today (for real, you guys, this woman is the bomb diggity of podiatrists). She told me I’m one tough cookie, which made me giggle. I guess crutches and refills on pain meds are for wusses. Just sayin. I got my huge (and hugely fashionable) walking boot … Continue reading

cool to the touch

Day 15: Finger I think hands are impossibly difficult to photograph. I am always inspired by photos of hands–baby hands, couples holding hands, you name it. But each and every time I try to recreate one of these photos, the results are dismal. I have no issue with fingers in real life, but the minute … Continue reading


Before we dive right back into photo-a-day, I want to thank everyone for the well wishes. The surgery was just as my awesome podiatrist promised–no big deal. I was very lucky, as I had the combination of pain pills, ginger ale, and my amazing mother on my side. I know I’ve said it before but … Continue reading

time away

Hiya! Starting tomorrow, I will be on “vacation.” But this is no ordinary vacation. No sirree. That’s right, friends.┬áMy lovely luck in the messed-up foot lottery earned me a special trip to this exotic locale: I’ll spend half a day enjoying luxurious amenities such as anesthesia, a stylish hospital gown, and my very own IV. … Continue reading

sweet smoke

Day 8: Lunch Today, I had a big ol’ to-do list in preparation for my foot surgery this week. Cleaning, laundry, blah blah blah. After a leisurely morning of reading the paper and drinking coffee, I decided to blow off my to-do list. I’m crazy like that. I convinced Mr. Phish we should head to … Continue reading

my not-so-green thumb

Day 7: Garden I love to grow things. But I’m not so good at growing things. Every year, I try. I buy a big bag of potting soil and I fill a cart with a bunch of bright flowers. Every year, I fill the pots and water and fertilize. And every year, things die. Sometimes … Continue reading

a golden oldie

Day 6: Chair I am not an antiques person. My personal style is more modern with a dash of eclectic vintage. You heard me right. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I did just totally make that up. But that’s me. So when my dear Aunt Candy offered me a rocking chair, I was hesitant. … Continue reading

ground level

Day 5: On the floor Dinner time from Little Man’s point of view. Genevieve and the water dish from the ground level.