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bird watching

One of (many) reasons I love the weekend is the opportunity to enjoy the flurry of activity at our bird feeders. This weekend’s birdwatching did not disappoint. The boogies and I spotted the usual suspects: My favorite visitor made numerous appearances: I adore chickadees. They are so tiny and they dart from point to point … Continue reading

alfie goes rogue

alfie goes rogue

Last night, as I was doing the dishes, I heard a loud thunk. I looked up, thinking perhaps a bird had hit the sliding glass door. I walked over to see what was going on and found a very intense Mooster. I went back to doing the dishes, and I heard the same loud thunk. … Continue reading

a chippie sighting!

The last few days have been a feeding frenzy. We have multiple feeders and no one else nearby has feeders, so we attract quite a crowd. But today was an exciting day. We had our first chippie sighting!! Our resident chipmunk, Alfie, hibernates all winter. And each spring, I watch and wonder if he made … Continue reading