march 9 & 10: make/floral

Sorry for the tardiness of this post. Bubba and I spent a lovely, leisurely weekend in Nebraska visiting Grandpa and Grandma and the combination of the time change and the total disregard for routine has made for an interesting 48 hours. But today was back to work and real life ((sigh)).

I can’t quite decide if I’m liking or loathing Chantelle’s decision to release the photo-a-day challenge lists week by week. It gives me no opportunity to plan ahead, which I like to do (shocking confession: I rarely take the photo on the day that topic is assigned! GASP! sorry, peeps. Sad but true). For whatever reason, the weekly lists also make me want to organize all the photos thematically (hence 57 pictures of Bubba last week). This week’s pics are all from our weekend in Nebraska. Enjoy!

9: make
Bubba tried his best to help Grandma make dinner one night, declaring that ring bologna, baby carrots, and shredded colby jack cheese sounded delish. Grandma had other plans (thankfully).

10: floral
This past weekend was the first spring-like weather we’ve had around these parts, and we took full advantage. The mornings were still chilly, but that didn’t stop Bubba and Grandma from wandering around the flower beds, dreaming of the floral goodness that will eventually fill them. I love how she is pointing out the cone flowers to him and he is listening carefully to every word she says.

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