goodbye, sweet papa

He was like the sun in our little solar system, and without him, we are unmoored, falling through space.
Little Man (Mooster, Papa, Boppy, Little Buddy, Pooper)7.26.06 – 2.18.14


9 thoughts on “goodbye, sweet papa

  1. My heart just broke for you… I am so sorry. What happened? I didn’t know Mooster was sick or not doing well…. I am at a loss here…you have become like long lost family, you and your little fur family, and I wish I could wrap my arms around you and give you a big hug… Sending you peace from me and mine.

    • Thanks Aimee. He became distressed Monday night and we rushed him to the emergency vet. The vet thinks he had cancer and a tumor ruptured and his little body went into shock from the toxins. He was completely healthy and happy until that night. And now he’s just gone. We are inconsolable.

      • Oh Christine, I am terribly sorry…about the entire situation. If there’s anything I can do or say or offer, please let me know. The loss will feel so immense…hold on to each other and your other babies and please know that you have friends in Michigan sending you love and our deepest sympathies.

  2. What a gorgeous cat. I’m so sorry for your loss, Christine. I think his sunlight is still shining on you, though it’s harder to feel now.

  3. Oh, sweet Christine I am so sorry to hear this. I am also sorry that I am just now finding out and have not been here before now. My heart goes out to you sweet friend and I will have you in my thoughts and prayers. Leaving you lots of warm hugs!

    • Thank you, Aimee. It is still so, so hard most days. We just can’t believe he’s gone. Our household is entirely a different place and we are all struggling to find our way. Thanks for the message.

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